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Benefits of Beef

It’s pretty typical that red meats are often suggested to be avoided, especially if you have a history of high cholesterol or cardiovascular disease. I do agree with this to a certain degree. I believe everyone is different on how animal fats affect their cholesterol, but for some it can elevate it significantly, for others-not so much. If you took 1000 people and put them all on the same diet with high amounts of red meat- cholesterol for some would elevate 1%-99%, depending on genetics, heritage, gender, age, etc.

Taking that into consideration there are benefits to eating beef. Here are a few.

#1- Good source of iron and B12. I usually see deficiencies in these not only in vegetarians and vegans, but people who tend to avoid red meat all together. Iron is of course important to prevent anemia and promotes red blood cell production. B12 if a vital vitamin that’s important for nerve health, cognitive function, metabolism, energy, red blood cell production, as well as many other functions. If you are low on either of these you may feel fatigued, lethargic, foggy brained, weakness, or short of breath.

#2- Good source of Carnitine. If you don’t know what carnitine is, it’s an amino acid that is found in nearly every cell in the body. It is found in meat and some dairy. Carnitine is essential for energy production and mitochondrial function. It also detoxifies cells. Our liver and kidneys produce plenty of carnitine for us, but as we age this ability declines. There are some studies to suggest carnitine can help reduce the aging process. But as with everything this is in moderation. Too much ingested carnitine there are studies that show it can elevate TMAO- trimethylamine-N-oxide. TMAO can increase plaques in the arteries.

#3- Great source of protein. In 3 oz of ground beef there are 22 grams of protein. This is important for muscle recovery and function. Adequate protein intake will help reduce your appetite and satisfy hunger.

So there are 3 good reasons to eat beef in moderation. Hope you enjoy the burgers! Our kiddos loved them!

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