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Purple Protein Bread!

This is a really cool recipe. I did not know the bread was going to turn purple at the end, I had read that psyllium husk can change to purple when baked, and boy does it! Kind of makes this an even more fun recipe. Kids thought it was cool too! This has a slight spongy texture, but not bad at all, I think it could be modified into a cake recipe. I may experiment in the future. Maybe for Jackson's 2nd birthday coming up.

Original recipe was in grams. I modified it to US measurements. The cream cheese is a hair shy of the grams called for. First loaf I followed the recipe exactly, measuring out the grams. The second recipe I used my modifications and it turned out the same.

Tip: make sure it's well blended in the end to ensure there are no lumps of cream cheese after the loaf is baked. The original recipe called that the baking powder be "sifted", the first time I did this, but the second time I just dumped the baking powder in and again no change in loaf. I'm all about efficiency and time saving!

I hope you enjoy this recipe. This is loaded with protein and low in carbs, and 2 out of the 3 carbs per slice are fiber.

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