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Protein Pancakes

Pancakes to Pancakes

Derek created this recipe with trial and error. He made some pretty funny pancakes before achieving this successful recipe. Now I bet most of you have a bag of pre-made pancake mix in your pantry. It’s early Saturday morning, you want a feel good breakfast to start your weekend, and you just had a long week at work. You don’t want to mess around with a fussy recipe. It’s just so much easier to grab a bag, pour, add egg and water. Viola! Pancakes! Well, if you’re not really concerned about your calorie intake, then by all means, enjoy. But for those of you that are trying hard to stay on track with a healthy diet, I would urge you to take an extra 5 minutes to prep your own pancake mix, and here is why.

Derek and I actually fell into this same scenario, we were tired, lazy and the kiddos wanted pancakes. We have Birch Benders Protein pancake mix in our pantry. It seems pretty good, Ingredients pretty minimal and it has a good serving of protein. And don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing Birch Benders- I think they have great options, much healthier ingredients than a lot of the mega-brands, but I was curious to see how Derek’s pancakes compared to other pre-made pancake mixes.

Here’s the comparison:

I was surprised to find out that Birch Benders though superior in grams of protein had the most carbs of the 3, and the most sugar. Derek’s seemed the most superior out of all 3 in my opinion with only 4 grams of carbs and 1 gram of sugar. I was actually surprised Bisquick didn’t have more sugar in their recipe. This was an interesting learning experience for me. It reinforced that home-made will most likely always win out over store-bought pre-made items. Yes, it takes a bit more time, but really how much more time does it take? I challenge you to time it sometime. I bet you’ll find it was a lot quicker than you thought!

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