• cassiewellock

Moscow Mule

So I'm going to be honest, the first time I made these, I flubbed up and bought normal ginger ale instead of Zevia ginger ale or diet ginger ale. Learning lesson for me when I went to actually put the ingredients in on myfitnesspal.com to calculate the calories. I always talk about reading food labels, and I failed to do so this time. I was in a hurry at the grocery store and didn't think it through. Normal ginger ale has 35 GRAMS of sugar in 12 fluid ounces! Damn it. So the next time I used Zevia ginger ale (which I prefer over diet ginger ale, because most use aspartame). This is refreshing and tastes great. It's sort of a cross behind a mojito and moscow mule. It still has some calories even without the sugar, and that's from the vodka. I think many forget that even hard alcohol has significant calories. So I suggest as always, drink in moderation.


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