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Life In Moderation

It’s no secret that we are bombarded by temptations to eat high amounts of carbs and refined sugars in delicious treats and desserts. But when we are embarking on a mission to improve our diet and health, we sometimes think we have to give up treats completely, that is not true. There are many healthy ways to “indulge” if you will, in alternative desserts.  

And there can be potential benefits to treating yourself as well.

First of all, usually when we tell ourselves that “we can’t have that”, it makes us want that temptation all the more. Allowing yourself a healthy treat from time to time can reduce cravings. This is important to help achieve long term goals and fortify compliance. When we fall off the wagon, it’s usually because we are restricting too much.

Secondly, depending on what’s in the dessert it can elevate your mood. Caffeine and theobromine in particular are found in chocolate, even more so in dark chocolate. That’s why I decided to add dark cocoa powder to this recipe. These two components can elevate state of mind, vigor and alertness. There is even some information that suggest theobromine can reduce oxidative stress on the body. “A piece of dark chocolate a day, can keep the doctor away?” Heck yes, sign me up for that!

Now, I would suggest that if you are going to indulge, try to still maintain relatively low sugar and carb content to combat the crash that can occur an hour or so after the consumption. I like these cookies in particular because they have a good amount of protein and fat content as well from the almond butter. I feel this helps balance everything out.

What I’m NOT saying, is eat 2 dozen cookies, or half a pie, or the entire bag of gummy worms. Remember everything in moderation. Remember serving sizes. Stay in control.

So go ahead, have a cookie and have a great day!

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