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10 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

The muffin included in this is a homemade carrot cake muffin. Recipe post coming soon!

Main concept is to include a piece of fruit, vegetables, and protein item with each meal. Now I know this isn’t a cure all to making your kid eat a healthy lunch. I’ve had many parents tell me that their kid will flat out throw away their lunch and eat hot lunch, or trade with others. We cannot control every situation in life. But maintaining a foundation of healthy choices is a priority. If they don’t at least have the healthy food to choose from, then they can’t possibly make the choice to eat healthy. When I was a kid, my mom didn’t even sign us up for hot lunch. It was our packed lunches or nothing at all. Not only does this save money, but then you are not at the mercy of the school lunch menu to provide healthy food for your child. Now again this may not stop your child from trading their food, or eating their friends items, but it's still a good place to start. And maybe work with your child about what healthy choices they prefer. Let them help pack their lunch. Give them options. Kids love that. And start having discussions about why healthy food is important. Maybe set up a reward system if they eat their lunches all week, all month, etc. New toy, movie date, water park adventure, you name it, something to motivate them. We all need motivation some time. Here is a list to hopefully motivate you! Good luck parents!

1. Apple, carrot sticks with hummus, turkey slices wrapped in tortillas. (I’d recommend a multi-grain, whole wheat, or high fiber tortilla) 

2. Blueberries, string cheese, celery sticks with peanut butter. 

3. Plain yogurt topped with granola and strawberries, hard boiled egg, sliced bell peppers. 

4. Hummus, turkey, cucumbers, spinach on a tortilla wrap. Raspberries. 

5. Bell pepper with hummus, Chopped chicken, orange slices

6. Handful of nuts or nut mix, carrots and ranch, banana

7. Cottage cheese, snap peas, hummus. Applesauce. 

8. Grapes, cherry tomatoes, chicken and cheese tortilla wrap

9. Cheddar cheese stick, watermelon, pretzels, Roasted sweet potato rounds (sliced sweet potatoes, brushed with olive oil, roasted in the oven night before)

10. Roast beef, cheese, tomato, lettuce wrap. Black berries. 

Couple of comments:

If your kids like hummus, Costco sells single serve portions of hummus. If they don’t, they may like an alternative dipping sauce, play with this a bit. 

You may have to swap out the peanut or nut butter options if your child goes to a nut free school, or if they have a nut allergy of course. 

If these lunch ideas seem too small, add or combine them! Again the main concept is to include a piece of fruit, vegetables, and protein item with each meal. I’m not saying they don’t need or can’t have a high carb item, I’m just suggesting make sure they have their nutritious options in there as well. Hopefully this will make sure they’re getting adequate servings, especially of fruits and vegetables, for the day. 

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